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From a scientific perspective, the OEPI project offers the opportunity to explore interesting research challenges in the following fields:
• Ontology engineering:  Validating the applicability of existing technologies and definition of EPI description language
• Software architectures: Extension of current SOA paradigm to support heterogeneous enterprise services; Integration of Web 2.0 techniques; principles for lightweight  composition and aggregation of web services

Secondary research will accompany the deployment of intermediate results in the industrial companies. Furthermore OEPI should result as a major topic in the sustainability research map driven by the consortium.

Scientific Outcome

The reference architecture for the proposed OEPI platform may serve as a blue print for the implementation as well as for an extension of the concept to further use cases. Also, the OEPI project will advance the construction of a Single Information Space in Europe (SISE) regarding the environment. Finally, the results of the OEPI project will be will be published in leading journals and conferences, in addition to being integrated into teaching courses held at the participating universities.

List of Academic Publications

AMCIS 2010 Reducing Environmental Impact in Procurement by Integrating Material Parameters in Information Systems: The Example of Apple Sourcing Ali Dada, Thorsten Staake, and Elgar Fleisch Link
ENVIP 2010 Bringing Sustainability to the daily business: The OEPI Project Daniel Meyerholt, Jorge Marx Gómez, Ali Dada, Jörg Bremer, Barbara Rapp Link
EnviroInfo 2010 Light-Weight Composite Environmental Performance Indicators (LWC-EPI) Model Naoum Jamous, Gamal Kassem, Jorge Marx Gomez, Reiner Dumke Link
ITEE 2011 Administrating Environmental Performance Indicators Utilizing Lightweight Semantic Web Services Daniel Meyerholt, Tariq Mahmoud, Jorge Marx-Gómez Link
ITEE 2011 Sustainable, Multi-Criteria Biomass Procurement – a Game Theoretical Approach Barbara Rapp, Jörg Bremer, Michael Sonnenschein
ITEE 2011 Including Environmental Performance Indicators into Kernel based Search Space Representations Jörg Bremer, Barbara Rapp, Michael Sonnenschein
IESC 2011
A Light-Weight Composite Environmental Performance Indicators (LWC-EPI) Conceptual Model Naoum Jamous Link
Journal of Cleaner Production A System of Cumulative Product-level Environmental Indicators Ali Dada, Thorsten Staake, and Elgar Fleisch Second revision
EnviroInfo 2011 Evaluation categorizes, technologies decision for a Composite Environmental Performance Indicators (LWC-EPI) solution Naoum Jamous, Frederik Kramer, Gamal Kassem Link
BSOA 2011 Deploying OEPI ontology into the Light-Weight Composite Environmental Performance Indicators "LWC-EPI" system Naoum Jamous, Frederik Kramer, Gamal Kassem, Elke Loeschner, Teemu Mätäsniemi Link
BSOA 2011 Towards ontology driven information systemes - the OEPI example Frederik Kramer and Naoum Jamous Link
AMCIS 2011 Towards Inter-Organizational Environmental Information Systems for Sustainable Business Networks Hans Thies and Katarina Stanoevska Link
Book: Beyond Efficiency: Business Process Management for the Sustainable Enterprise The Potential of a Network-Centric Solution for Sustainability in Business Processes Hans Thies, Ali Dada, and Katarina Stanoevska Link
EcoDesign2011 in Japan KONE's Corporate Activities and Solutions that Contribute to Creating a Positive Impact on the environment Hanna Uusitalo Published (Link)
EcoDesign2011 in Japan Ecolabelling and Design for Environment in Building Transportation Systems Asko Koskimäki, Hannele Tonteri, Claudio Donghi and Hanna Uusitalo Published (Link)

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Download the OEPI ontology
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